Department of Linguistics


The Department of Linguistics offers undergraduate students who wish to specialize in linguistics a broad range of relevant introductory courses, including courses in phonology and phonetics, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, lexicology and lexicography, historical-comparative linguistics, and Balkan linguistics.

At the postgraduate level, the Department offers programs of study leading to postgraduate diplomas in (a) Theoretical Linguistics, (b) Applied Linguistics, or (c) Historical and Balkan Linguistics, and provides supervision for doctoral research in the same fields.

Since 1980, the Department organizes annually an international meeting devoted to the linguistic study of Greek, and publishes its proceedings under the title “Studies in Greek Linguistics”.

For information on the work and research interests of the Department’s academic staff members, please visit their individual web pages, linked to their names in the list below.


Name Tel. Office Office Hours
Giannakis Georgios 2310 997104 305 old building Monday 10-11, Wednesday 10-11
Koutsogiannis Dimitris 2310 997263 312 o.b. Educational leave
Revithiadou Anthi 2310 997065 303 o.b. Monday 4-5.30, Tuesday Τρίτη 4-5.30
Tsohatzidis Savas 2310 997105 302 o.b. Thursday 3-4, Friday 6.30-7.30
Associate Professors
Name Tel. Office Office Hours
Papadopoulou Despina 2310 997053 303 o.b. Tuesday 11-1, Wednesday 11-1
Papanastasiou Georgios 2310 997257 301 o.b. (office 418 ο.b.) Tuesday 11-12.30, Wednesday 11.30-1.30, Thursday 11-12.30
Assistant Professors
Name Tel. Office Office Hours
Karali Maria 2310 997407 304 o.b.
Kyriazis Doris 2310 997155 305 o.b. Tuesday 11-1, Wednesday 11-1
Tantos Alexandros 2310 997134 301 o.b. Monday 2-4, Tuesday 2-4
Theodoropoulou Maria 2310 997962 301 o.b. Friday 9-11
Teaching Assistants
Name Tel. Office Office Hours
Amvrazis Nikolaos 2310 997257 301 o.b. Thursday 12.30-2.30, Friday 12.30-2.30
Dota Eleni 2310 997409 309 o.b.