Incoming Erasmus Students

The School of Philology welcomes a large number of international students through the Erasmus Exchange Programme. Incoming students will have access to a wide range of courses, offered by all three Departments within the School (Classics, Medieval and Modern Greek Studies, Linguistics), and will be able to opt for courses across the above mentioned disciplines, so as to develop their individual programme of study.

The School of Philology has made a strategic decision to open all of its undergraduate programmes of study to incoming exchange students regardless of their knowledge of Modern Greek. Erasmus exchange students who speak Modern Greek will be expected to attend courses and undertake the full assessment for every course. Since knowledge of Modern Greek is not an admission requirement, alternative assessment arrangements can be made for students who do not speak Modern Greek. Students with no knowledge of Modern Greek are strongly encouraged to follow courses at the School of Modern Greek Language and to pursue assignments under the supervision of their instructors. Alternative assessment can be based either on coursework (essays, assignments) or on exams (oral or written) in English or any other language that will be decided in agreement with their instructors.

Exchange students who have been admitted to, or plan to enter, the School are welcome to seek academic advice or information about the programme of studies from the Erasmus Exchange Programme coordinators 

or consult with the members of the Erasmus Exchange Programme Committee, namely:

Ioanna Karamanou (ECTS coordinator, Classics),

Kostas Yiavis (Medieval and Modern Greek Studies),

Nikolaos Miltsios (Classics),

Giannakis Georgios (Linguistics),

For further information on the courses on offer each semester, please, consult the online Course Catalogue.

For information on accommodation, please, visit the main page of the European Educational Programmes Department website at: