Simelidis Christos

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Monday 16:30-18:30, Tuesday 17:00-18:00



Christos Simelidis studied Classics and Byzantine Studies at Thessaloniki and Oxford, where he was a Senior Scholar at Merton and Somerville College. He did his doctoral work under the supervision of Nigel G. Wilson. He has been a Fellow in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC (2006-7, 2018-9) and a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at Lincoln College, University of Oxford (2007-10).


His major research project is a critical edition of the Carmina of St. Gregory of Nazianzus for the Corpus Christianorum series. His research interests include the literature of Late Antiquity and Byzantium, the reception of classical and biblical texts in the early Christian and Byzantine literature, Greek palaeography and textual criticism, and various aspects of Byzantine scholarship (what was read, by whom and with what degree of understanding).


Selected Publications


Selected Poems of Gregory of Nazianzus (Hypomnemata 177). Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2009. [PDF]


(with E.A. Paschos), Introduction to Astronomy by Theodore Metochites, Singapore; Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific 2017. 


Aeschylus in Byzantium’, in R. Kennedy (ed.), Brill's Companion to the Reception of Aeschylus, Leiden; Boston: Brill 2017, 179-202.


Two Lives of the VirginJohn Geometres, Euthymios the Athonite, and Maximos the Confessor’, Dumbarton Oaks Papers 74, 2020 (forthcoming).







Literature of Late Antiquity and Byzantium

Byzantine scholarship

The reception of classical literature in early Christian and Byzantine times

Greek palaeography and textual criticism

Hellenistic poetry





2003 - 2006: DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature, University of Oxford. Dissertation: ‘Selected Poems of Gregory of Nazianzus: a Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary’. Supervisor: Nigel G. Wilson.


2001 - 2003: MPhil in Byzantine Studies (Distinction). Merton College, University of Oxford.


1995 - 2000: Degree in Greek Philology, University of Thessaloniki.





2010- : Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Late Antique and Byzantine Philology, Department of Philology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


2017- : Associate Tutor, Hellenic Open University


2012 - 2015: Associate Tutor, Open University of Cyprus


2007 - 2010: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford


2007 - 2010: Junior Research Fellow in Greek Palaeopgraphy, Lincoln College, University of Oxford







1. Selected Poems of Gregory of Nazianzus : I.2.17; II. 1.10, 19, 32 : A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary (Hypomnemata 177), Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2009, 284 pp. [PDF]


2. (in collaboration with E. A. Paschos), Introduction to Astronomy by Theodore Metochites (Stoicheiosis Astronomike 1.5-30), Singapore; Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific 2017, 390 pp.




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2018 - 2019: Fellow in Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University), Washington DC


2017, 2019: DAAD Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cologne (for the periods 20.7-20.8.2017 and 18.7-20.8.2019), Partnerschaft Köln-Thessaloniki, Project: Philologie in Antike und Byzanz.


2014: Visiting Research Fellow/Gastforscher at the University of Waterloo, Canada (3 months) and the Universität Heidelberg (1 month)


2007 - 2010British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford


2007 - 2010Junior Research Fellow in Greek Palaeography, Lincoln College, Oxford


2009: The Hellenic Foundation's 2007 Award for the best doctoral thesis in the United Kingdom, in the Byzantine/Medieval History category


2006 - 2007Fellow in Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University), Washington DC


2004 - 2006Senior Scholarship in the Arts and Humanities, Somerville College, Oxford


2004 - 2005Stavros J Costopoulos Scholarship, Committee for Byzantine Studies, Oxford


2001 - 2004Leventis Senior Scholarship, Merton College, University of Oxford


1999Prize for academic achievement, Greek State Scholarship Foundation





University of Thessaloniki (Sept. 2010 - )


Introductory Undergraduate Courses

1. Introduction to Byzantine Philology

2. Byzantine Prose and Poetry (Selected Authors and Texts)


Advanced Undergraduate Courses

1. Byzantine Ecclesiastical Rhetoric

2. Imitation of Classical Models in Byzantine Poetry

3. Classicizing Historians of the Sixth Century: Procopius & Agathias

4. Literary Elements in Texts of Ascetic Scholarship

5. The Palatine Anthology

6. The Golden Age of Byzantine Hymnography (6th to 8th cent.): from the kontakion to the canon

7. Gregory of Nazianzus, De Vita Sua  

8. Greek Palaeography and Textual Criticism

9. Epigrams on Works of Art

10. Early Byzantine Hagiography

11. The Life of Euthymius, patriarch of Constantinople


Postgraduate Courses

1. Early Byzantine Epistolography

2. The dialogue form in Byzantine prose texts

3. Early Byzantine Hagiography



University of Oxford 


2016, 2018 & 2020: Co-Director (with Nigel G. Wilson) and Tutor of the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Lincoln College International Summer School in Greek Palaeography, University of Oxford 


Oct. 2007 - June 2010:

1. Introduction to Greek Palaeography and Codicology (for graduate students of Classics and Byzantine Studies) 

2. Byzantine Literature (text-based paper for undergraduate students of Classics)

3. Euripides, Orestes: Palaeography (for undergraduate students of Classics)


27 July - a August 2008: Director and Tutor of the Second Lincoln College International Summer School in Greek Palaeography.


28 August - 1 Sept. 2006Tutor at the First Lincoln College International Summer School in Greek Palaeography, Oxford


Oct. 2004 - Dec. 2005: As a graduate student I taught the following courses:

1. Homer, Iliad (Reading class) for Honour Moderations in Classics

2. Sophocles, Antigone, Aristophanes, Frogs, and Herodotus, Book 1 (tutorials) for Honour Moderations in Classics (Texts and Contexts paper)

3. Classical Literature (tutorials) for Honour Moderations in English Language and Literature. Three texts (Homer, Iliad; Sophocles, Oedipus the King, and Ovid, Metamorphoses) were studies in translation. 

4. Beginning Ancient Greek (tutorials) for Honour Moderations in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.





14 June 2019: ‘Euthymius the Athonite and the Metaphrastic movement’, Workshop on Cultural Identiry and Transmission in Early Christian Literature’, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University


28 January 2019: ‘John Geometres's The Life of the Virgin Mary: Edition and Translation’, Research Report, Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University), Washington DC.


9 November 2018: John of Damascus' Iambic Canon on Christmas’, Graduate seminar at the University of Notre Dame.


8 November 2018: Gregory of Nazianzus' Poems and Byzantine Scholarship, Lecture at the University of Notre Dame.


25 June 2018: Angelic lust and mighty giants: Gregory of Nazianzus and Genesis 6.1-4, Workshop on Old Testament Figures in Late Antique Poetry, University of Waterloo.


25 January 2018: ‘Nonnus of Panopolis as interpreter of the Gospel of John’, Seminar in the Theology School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 


5 December 2017: ‘Editorial and palaeographical problems in the poetry of Gregory of Nazianzus’, Workshop in the National Library of Greece, Athens.


10 June 2017: Epistolary poetry from the fourth century: Palladas and Gregory of Nazianzos, Workshop on Epistolary Poetry from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantium’, University of Vienna.


11 August 2015: ‘Emotions in the poems of Gregory of Nazianzus’, XVII. International Conference on Patristic Studies, Oxford.


24 June 2014: ‘On the Homeric Hymns in Byzantium’, Symposium on The Reception of the Homeric Hymns’, Universität Heidelberg.


24 November 2010: ‘Byzantine Epigrams on Icons of St Demetrios’, Colloquium on St Demetrios, Faculty of Theology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


10 November 2007: ‘Theodore Metochites' Poems to Himself: Some Literary Questions’, Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on Byzantine Literature: New Voices and Current Approaches’, Washington DC.


20 April 2007: ‘Gregory of Nazianzus and Early Christian Poetry in the Classical Tradition’, Department of Classics, The University of Texas at Austin.


18 February 2003: ‘Gregory of Nazianzus, carm. I.2.17 (PG 37.781-6): the experience of editing and commenting’, Seminar in the framework of the project Aesthetics and Cognition’, Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, Oslo.