Farinou-Malamatari Georgia

Professor Emerita
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206 n.b.
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Wednesday 17.00-18.00

Curriculum Vitae 

Name: Georgia
Birthplace: Athens
Date of Birth: 18/3/1952
Marital Status: Married. Two children
Home-Address: Pesmazoglou 5A, 14561 Kifissia Greece
Telephon Number:home : (+302106209847, mob. +306978797324
e-mail: gfar@lit.auth.gr


1970-1974: University of Athens, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Classics: First Class Honours Degree (9. 22/10)
1974-1976: University of Athens, Faculty of Philosophy, Dep. of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies: First Class Honours Degree (9/10)
1980-1983: University of London. King's College (Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies): Ph. D.
1990: University of Oxford: Short postdoctoral research 


English: Cambridge Lower and Proficiency
German: Zeugnis für Fortgeschrittene
I also read French


1970-1974: State Scholarship Foundation Scholar
1980-1983: University of Athens Saripoleion Bequest Fund Scholar
1990: Centennial Bursary for Study in the U.K. by the British School at Athens
1992-1993: Sabbatical: Member of the Common Room at St. Cross College, Oxford. Visiting Scholar, Department of Classics, Harvard
1998: Sabbatical in the Spring Semester (March-August). Visiting Professor atKing’s College London. Member of the Common Room at St Cross College, Oxford.
2004: Sabbatical in the Spring Semester (March-August). Visiting Fellow at Princeton USA (Program in Hellenic Studies)
2008-9: Sabbatical in the Winter Semester (October-February). Visiting Professor at King’s College London
2011 Sabbatical in the Winter Semester (October- February) Visiting Professor at King’s College London (title until 2014)


1974-1984: Tositseion-Arsakeion High School (1980-83: Paid educational leave for post- graduate studies abroad)
1978-1979: Modern Greek Literature at Red Cross Nursing Academy
1982-1983: Lecteur in Modern Greek Language and Translation to the undergraduates of BMGS Department at King’s College London
1984-1986: Arsakeion High School, Thessaloniki
1984-1985: Teaching Fellow in the Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Studies (MMGS), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
1986-1990: Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy, Dep. of MMGS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
1988: Educational Visit to Cyprus, to teach at a short course for High-School teachers
1988-90 &1996: Taught at the Further Education Courses for High-School teachers (Thessaloniki and Kavala)
1990-1995: Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of MMGS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
1991-2007: Member of the editorial board of the Yearbook of the Faculty of Philosophy AUTH
1995-2004: Associate Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of MMGS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
1996-1997: Head of the abovementioned Department
1998, 2013 Member of the Scientific Committee of the 1st and the 4th International Conferences of the European Society for Modern Greek Studies (Berlin and Thessaloniki respectively).
1999-2001: Coordinator of the research program “Europeanization of Modern Greek Prose 1974-1999”.
2001: Member of the Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Culture for the Celebrations of Papadiamantis’, Sikelianos’ and Xenopoulos’ Anniversaries.
2002, 2004, 2009, 2013 Member of the Organizing Committees of the 10th, 11th (president), 12th, 14th (vice president) Meeting of the Department of MMGS
2004: Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of MMGS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2007-08: Head of the Department of MMGS
2007-08: Coordinator of the Postgraduate Colloquia of the Department
2010: Vice President of the Society of Papadiamantis’ Studies. Member of the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the 3rd International Conference on Papadiamantis
2011 Member of the Organizing Committee for awarding the title of Honorary Doctor (APTH) to N. D. Triantafyllopoulos. Laudatio.
2012, 2015 Member of the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the 1st and 4th High-School Conference in Constantinople (on Papadiamantis and Vizyinos respectively).
2013-2022 President of the Society for Papadiamantis’s Studies (organized the site: www.papadiamantis.net)
2013 Member of the Electoral Committee for the election of the Director of the National Library of Greece.
2014 Professor Emerita
2016-18 Member of the Committee for the Translation awards of the Ministry of Culture.
2016 Member of the Organizing Committee of the Conference “Re-writing: Alexandros Papadiamantis in other Arts” (Patras)
2017 Conference: Issues in Papadiamantis’ textual criticism (Athens)
2019-22 Visiting Professor at King’s College London

Merber of reporting commitees and/or electoral boards for the election or the promotion/tenure of members of the Academic Faculty at the Universities of Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Crete, Thessaly, Thrace, Patras and Cyprus. 



1986-2014: On various topics. Mainly 19th and 20th century Modern Greek Prose and Theory of Literature 


1997-2015: On various topics: Methodology of Literary Reasearch (http://www.lit.auth.gr/sites/default/files/links_neoellinistes.pdf), Greek Criticism, Modern and Post-modern Biography, City in Literature, Naturalism in Greece, Bakhtin, Literature and Painting, Papadiamantis and Translation. View also (digitization of Panathinea http://www.lit.auth.gr/node/679). 

I supervised A. Loudi’s PhD on Greek Short-Story 1830-1880, An. Tsapanidou on Constantinople in 19th century Prose, and S. Makri, on The Reception of Dostoevsky in Greece (1888-1940), and numerous MA dissertations. Member of advisory and examining committees at the Universities of Greece, Cyprus, Oxford, Freie Universität Berlin. 


Participated in more than 30 Greek and International Conferences in Greece, England, Italy, Turkey (cf. Publications) 


1990-1994: Visits to England and lectures at King’s College London and Oxford within the framework of the ERASMUS programme for student exchange.
1992 (February): Lectures at Ruhr Universität Bochum within the framework of the ERASMUS- Lingua programme.
1993 (24/2): Cambridge: Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.
1993 (4/5): Harvard: Center for Cultural and Literary Studies.
1993 (26/11): Thessaloniki: American College, Anatolia.
1994 (8/4): Rethymno, Crete: Meeting of the ERASMUS Programme.
1998 (March): Series of postgraduate Seminars at King’s College London, within a frame of SOCRATES’ teacher exchange.
1998 (March and May) Lectures at Cambridge, Birmingham and Oxford
2001 (3/12): Thessaloniki/Veroia: Organized by “Philologos” and the Municipal Library of Veroia
2004 (May): Princeton: Workshop in Hellenic Studies
2005 (May): Lecture at the Postgraduate Colloquium of the University of Cyprus
2007 (6-16/2) Three Lectures at the Postgraduate Colloquium and Seminar of the University of Cyprus
2008 (December) Lecture at Gent University, Belgium
From 2008 Coordinator of the Erasmus Programme with Catania, Italy and Gent, Belgium
2010 (March) Erasmus Visit and Lecture at Catania University
2011 (March) Erasmus Visit and Lecture at Gent University, Belgium
2011 (May and June) Organized and coordinated five lectures on Papadiamantis and his legend: 100 years after in the Open University of the Book’s Arcade in Athens (Stoa tou Vivliou).
2012 & 2013 Modern Greek Seminar at King’s (2 papers).

PUBLICATIONS: (bold=books, asterisk=publications in English) 

1. Romantic Elements in the Poetry of Andreas Kalvos, Parnassos, 18 (1976) 104-115
2. G.Theotokas' The Bells (Development, Archetypes and Influences), Parnassos, 19 (1977) 421-436
3. War and the Narrator’s faces: Ten years since Myrivilis’Death, Kathimerini, 19/7/1979
4. Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, Nea Paideia, no 12 (1980) 147-156
5. "Love in the Snow": A Reading. In the memorial volume Bright Epiphany: A Dedication to Papadiamantis and his World, Athens 1981, 22001 p. 351-357
6*. “Narrative Techniques in Papadiamantis' Fiction” (1887-1910): Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: University of London 1983
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8. An abbreviated version of no 6 in Greek Athens, Kedros, 1987, 22000, 3 2002, 42011
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10. Y. Beratis: Short Account of his Life and Work, I Lexi, no 74 (1988) 364-371.
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73. Ninila Papagianni, An inconspicuous presence (to be published in the Proceedings of a Conference in Honour of Prof. Er-L. Stavropoulou)


1978-1980: Contributed to the art-pages of the newspaper Kathimerini (about twenty book-reviews).
I have also published book-reviews in Ellinika
30 (1977-78) 512-514 on P. Bien’s Kazantzakis and the Linguistic Revolution in Greek Literature,
38 (1987) 223-225, on N.D. Triandafyllopoulos’ Μινύρισμα πτηνού χειμαζομένου
43 (1993) 253-257, on Κ.Α.Dimadis; Δικτατορία-Πόλεμος-Πεζογραφία 1936-1944
43 (1993) 470-473, T. Kayalis’ Γλουμυμάουθ: Ο Βικτωριανός ΑΡ Ραγκαβής
in Diavazo no 37 (Dec. 1980) 88-90, on M. Vitti’s, Iδεολογική λειτουργία της Ελληνικής Ηθογραφίας
in Kathimerini, 9/1/2001, on H λογοτεχνία και οι προϋποθέσεις της: Τιμητικό Αφιέρωμα στην Τζίνα Πολίτη
in Nea Estia, 149 (2001) 279-285 on the Greek translation of J.Culler’s, Literary Theory: A very short Introduction
in Nea Estia, 164 (July-Augut 2008) 179-83 on Eleni Politou-Marmarinou and Vicky Patsiou (eds.), Ο Νατουραλισμός στην Ελλάδα. Διαστάσεις-Μετασχηματισμοί-Όρια


1. M.M. Bakhtin, Towards a reworking of the Dostoevsky Book, «Προς μια επανεπεξεργασία του βιβλίου για τον Ντοστογιέφσκι», Nea Estia, 161, no 1796 (Jan. 2007) 20-49
2. Editor in collaboration with M. Chryssanthopoulos, of the 7th vol. of Cambridge History of Literary Criticism Modernism and New Criticism, Thessaloniki 2013


Kathimerini, 26/3/2013, Vima, 21/11/2013, diastixo, 10/5/2014, Lifo, 16/11/2014.