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09.05.2014 - 10.05.2014

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Institute of Modern Greek Studies (Manolis Triandafyllidis Foundation)

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Simonos Petra


Dear Colleagues,

This document provides instructions for the format of the articles to be included in the Conference Proceedings. The volume will be published by the Institute of Modern Greek Studies [Manolis Triantafyllidis Foundation].

Before submitting your article, please make sure that it is proof-read by a native speaker of English and that it complies with the instructions provided below.

The deadline for the submission of the papers is 30 June 2014. Please e-mail us a named and an unnamed (anonymous) WORD version of your paper as an e-mail attachment to the conference e-mail address: If special fonts are used, please send them as an attachment. The submitted articles will be sent to external reviewers.

The text should not be more than 25,000 characters (spaces excluded). Required font size and margins: 12pt, single space, top and bottom margins should be 2.54 cm, left and right margins should be 3.17 cm.

The title of the paper should be given on in capital letters on the first line and centered.

In the named version of the article, the name of the author(s) should be in small-print and immediately followed by the affiliation of the author(s) in italics. The email address of the author(s) should follow in the next line (small-print). The name, affiliation and e-mail(s) of the author(s) should be centered.

A short abstract should follow immediately below with the title “Abstract”.

The titles and the subtitles of the sections should be left-aligned and be given in small print letters. Please do not use bold, italics or underline.

Please use consecutively numbered footnotes, and not endnotes.

Figures and tables should be included in the text and not at the end of the document or in a separate file. Titles should precede the table or the figure. Please use 10pt font size and single-space.

References should immediately follow the main text and have the following format:

Baker, M. 1985. “The mirror principle and morphosyntactic explanation”. Linguistic Inquiry 16, 373-415.

Buck, C. D. 1968. The Greek dialects. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press.

Wexler, K. & Manzini, R. 1987. “Parameters and learnability in binding theory”. In T. Roeper & E. Williams (eds.), Parameter setting. Dordrecht, Reidel, 221-239.

The in-text references should have the following format:

-    Included in these are Mackey (1999) and Murunoi (2000)

-    Quoting MacWhinney (1997: 175)

At the end of the document immediately after the section “References”, please provide keywords: i.e. Genres, discourse analysis, multimodality, literacy practices, second language acquisition, interference, Failed Functional Features hypothesis, interlanguage.

It is important to mention that the article you submit for publication should not have been published before. 

With best regards,
The Organizing Committee
Department of Linguistics
School of Philology, AUTh