11th Trends in Classics - Description

Department of Classics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Corpus Christi College Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity,
University of Oxford 


11th Trends in Classics International Conference 

Intratextuality and Roman Literature” 

Thessaloniki, 25-27 May, 2017


Auditorium I

Aristotle University, Research Dissemination Center
(September 3rd Avenue, University Campus)


Recent years have witnessed an increased interest of classical studies into the ways meaning is generated through the medium of intertextuality, namely different texts of the same or different authors communicating and interacting with each other. Attention (although less) has also been paid to the manner in which meaning is produced through interfaces between various parts of the same text within the overall production of a single author, namely intratexts.  Taking a leaf out of a seminal volume on Intratextuality: Greek and Roman Textual Relations, edited by Alison Sharrock and Helen Morales (Oxford 2000), which largely sets the theoretical framework for internal associations of Classical texts, the conference will address issues of intratextuality in Latin poetry and prose. Of interest will also be the way poetics of intratextuality are received by later authors within the same genre or not, i.e. a combination of intertextual and intratextual poetics.


Organizing Committee

Theodore Papanghelis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & Academy of Athens)
Stephen Harrison (University of Oxford)
Antonios Rengakos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & Academy of Athens)
Stavros Frangoulidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

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Stavros Frangoulidis (frango@lit.auth.gr)


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