8th Trends in Classics - Speakers

8th Trends in Classics

 Thessaloniki International Conference on Roman Drama   

May 29-June 1, 2014  


Conference Venues 

May 29, 31, and June 1: Auditorium I
Aristotle University, Research Dissemination Center
September 3rd Avenue, University Campus

May 30: Manolis Andronikos Hall
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
6, Manoli Andronikou Street



Roman Drama and its Contexts


Scholarship, especially in the past, has been reading Roman drama from the perspective of its relation to Greek and Roman prototypes, and its historical context and evolution. Contemporary readings, following recent groundbreaking work based on intertextual, dramatological, theatrological, performative, psychoanalytical, feminist, gender oriented approaches, philosophical analysis and aesthetics, etc., offer new valuable insights into Roman drama’s poetics and cultural impact.

The conference aims at focusing on the interpretation of Roman comedy, tragedy and the fragments on the basis of such diverse approaches, as mentioned above. By highlighting the various aesthetic, social and historical parameters, the papers are expected to explore ways in which Roman comic and tragic texts fit into their narrower and/or broader textual and cultural contexts.


Invited speakers and participants include: 

Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Director, Archaological Museum of Thessaloniki
Antonios Augoustakis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Emma Buckley, University of St Andrews
Ruth Caston, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
David M. Christenson, University of Arizona
Louise Cilliers, University of the Free State
Catherine C. Connors, University of Washington, Seattle
Martin T. Dinter, King's College, London & FAPESP research fellow, University of Sao Paulo
Dorota Dutsch, University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael Fontaine, Cornell University
Stavros Frangoulidis, Aristotle University
T.H.M. (Ted) Gellar-Goad, Wake Forest University
Robert Germany, Haverford College
Ingo Gildenhard, University of Cambridge
Lauren Donovan Ginsberg, University of Cincinnati
Emily Gowers, University of Cambridge
Mathias Hanses, Columbia University
Stephen J. Harrison, University of Oxford
Richard L. Hunter, University of Cambridge
Daniel Iakov, Aristotle University
Evangelos Karakasis, University of Ioannina
David Konstan, New York University
Ioannis Konstantakos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Cedric A.J. Littlewood, University of Victoria
Gesine Manuwald, University College, London
C. W. (Toph) Marshall, University of British Columbia
Roland Mayer, King's College, London
Kathleen McCarthy, University of California, Berkeley
Timothy J. Moore, Washington University, Saint Louis
Sophia Papaioannou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Theodore D. Papanghelis, Aristotle University
Katerina Philippides, University of Patras
Andrés Pociña, University of Granada
Amy Richlin, University of California, Los Angeles
Alessandro Schiesaro, Università di Roma, Sapienza
Alison Sharrock, University of Manchester
Niall W. Slater, Emory University
Mario Telò, University of California, Los Angeles
Ariana Trail, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Christopher Trinacty, Oberlin College
Leonidas Tromaras, Aristotle University
Chrysanthi Tsitsiou, Aristotle University
Bernhard Zimmermann, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

Organizing Committee 

Theodore D. Papanghelis, Aristotle University & Academy of Athens
Richard L. Hunter, University of Cambridge, British Academy & President of the Governing Board, Aristotle University
Stephen J. Harrison, University of Oxford
Antonios Rengakos, Aristotle University & Academy of Athens
Stavros Frangoulidis, Aristotle University

For further information, please contact:

Stavros Frangoulidis (frango@lit.auth.gr)


The conference is generously funded by the British Council. Support is also provided by: Aristotle University School of PhilologyThe Church of Greece-Archdiocese of AthensWelfare Foundation for Social and Cultural Affairs (KIPKE)Research Committee - Aristotle University of ThessalonikiUniversity Studio Press and Papadimas Publishing House.

British Council

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